April 24, 2012

Stocks, Commodities, Forex and Indices

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When you pick your binary options broker, you will have access to stocks, commodities, forex and indices. Each of these is an asset category that you can trade with your preferred broker. What these assets do is give you primary access to the financial markets. There are a number of advantages that trading these popular assets with binary options brokers can bring to traders. You can start trading with minimum experience and still have the opportunity to make desirable returns. This is what makes binary options so fascinating. The time is now for you to learn what each of the mentioned assets can bring to you.

Binary Options Broker Assets: Stocks & Indices

The reason why stocks & indices are mentioned first is because they are very widely traded by professional investors. Several decades ago these assets were traded via stock brokers, where you had to pay hefty commissions. It is still possible to trade stocks & indices with a stock broker, but nowadays you have many more options. The most obvious is trading them as binary options. Stocks and indices binary options are traded on a binary options trading platform with all the benefits you would expect.

Forex Binary Options

Forex binary options are quite widely traded too by the public. This is because the foreign exchange market is well-known by many people, even those of us who do not have any experience trading currency pairs. Trading forex via binary options gives you much more flexibility than regular forex trading. There are no commissions at all and you do not have to worry about learning what leverage is. All you have to do is choose your currency pair, investment amount, higher or lower, expiry time and start trading! Forex binary options trading really is that easy for all types of traders.

Trading Commodities

One of the reasons that commodities binary options have increased in popularity is due to the volatility of gold and crude oil in the past 5 years. You can buy or sell these commodities, which is great if you want to make money in a bullish or bearish market. The choice of assets is up to you, as each binary option broker has a fair choice for you. As you read this article, each binary options broker is attempting to add more underlying assets to their Asset Index, allowing traders to trade with maximum flexibility.

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