April 11, 2012

The Main Features of Binary Options Brokers

Binary Options Table Img

There are so many features of binary options brokers that you will need to grasp. The best advice for interested traders is to start learning more about these features from now. The quantity of features has increased significantly recently, as there is a lot more competition in the binary options market than in the past. The increased competition is quite healthy, as traders can greatly benefit from the additional features. In most cases, the more features there are, the better it is for you as a trader. Take a look at the analysis below to learn more about the features available while trading binary options.

Multitude of Assets

The good aspect of binary options trading is that binary options brokers offer many different assets to choose from. The 4 main asset categories are currencies, stocks, commodities and indices. Within these asset categories themselves, you can pick from additional assets. Under stocks there is Apple and Google, under currencies there is the EUR/USD, under indices there is the Dow Jones and under commodities there is Gold and Silver. These are just a few of the assets within each category. In reality, you can choose from over 100 underlying assets with the leading binary options brokers.

Expiry Times

There is a wide range of expiry time that each broker offers its traders. These expiry times may be different according to which broker you do eventually deposit your funds with. The most common expiry times are 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 day, 1 week and 1 month. The choice of these expiry times can vary according to each broker. In addition, a broker who offers you at least 4 expiry times is one you should be trading with. It can be more difficult to trade binary options effectively when there is a lack of expiry times.

Payouts of Binary Options Brokers

There I a lot of diversity that each broker may offer when it comes to the payouts. A return rate of 95% for in the money is the highest we have come across. However, he return rate for most in the money scenarios are usually in the range between 65-85%. The best return rates we have seen for binary option trades that have been out of the money have been 15%. Trading with a broker that offers the highest returns rate is one of the most desirable features for all traders.

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